Sunday, 17 November 2013

This 'Mega Monster Cat' May Become The Biggest Cat In The World

Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat. Its actual origin is unknown but they look quite wild and they�re usually pretty big. The biggest specimens weigh up to 11.3kg. But Rupert here is not just pretty big. He�s huge. He�s a �mega monster cat�, according to experts. Heck, this thing can probably kill you if he decided to.

Rupert is now 9kg, which is less than his biggest cronies. But he�s only two years old. By three he will be much bigger, say the vets, growing to the point in which he would be at least 14kg.

For comparison, male bobcats can get up to 14kg too. The Canada lynx goes up to 10.8kg, while the Iberian can reach 12.7. Only a male of the Eurasian lynx would be bigger than Rupert, at 18-27kg.

Still, Rupert will be 14kg of muscle, teeth, and claws. A domestic cat who looks pretty much like a real lynx. I�m not sure if I would feel safe around one.

A Giant Elephant Charged A Hippo And Her Baby. What This Mother Did Is Just Incredible.

A hippo and her round, innocent calf got a little too close to a bull elephant that was grazing nearby. The scuffle that took place between the two enormous animals was jaw-dropping.

This fully grown hippopotamus and her offspring got a little TOO close to elephants grazing nearby.

An elephant bull charged the momma hippo and her young.

The mother bravely defended her baby. The bull flipped her with his trunk.

Luckily, although the fight looks bad, the hippo walked away with merely a scratch.

Every mother in the animal kingdom knows what is most important: their young.

Fully grown hippos can weigh over 1.5 tons, but the elephant tossed her with ease.

The baby hippo and her mom were quickly reunited and finished grazing off in the distance by themselves.

It just goes to show that even animals that big would do backflips for their young (even if they didn�t mean to).

Two Boys Were Playing In Their House When They Made a TERRIFYING Discovery. Seriously, OMG.

Most people believe that they are safe inside their own homes. This story just proves, though, that even that is rarely true. Two boys were playing rough in their parents room when they made a startling discovery. This could chill any homeowner down to their very core.

The house was built in the early 2000s. There was nothing to suggest there was anything weird about it.

Except when the new owners� two songs were horsing around and dislodged a bookshelf�

That movable bookshelf revealed a secret staircase.

The tall, spiral staircase seemed to lead downward directly into a wall.

But halfway down, there was a crawlspace.

Inside, the two boys found the most terrifying thing: evidence that someone was squatting. In their own walls.

Whoever was living there had small objects with them, like the elephant seen here.

They also had a key that unlocked only God knows what.

And of course, they also found creepy dolls hidden in the room.

Because every stranger living secretly inside of your walls need dolls with soulless eyes.

The police are still looking for the individual that was living in their walls. Since there was little food, it seemed that he came and went as he or she pleased. There was a small pile of clothes around the bedding. The candy seen strewn about the room was actually one of the boy�s, but whoever was living in the wall crept out at night to steal some for himself.

Good luck falling asleep tonight.

These 27 People Tried To Fight Off Sleeping. But Sleep (Hilariously) Won. LOL.

You can only fight the urge to sleep for so long� and these 27 poor souls know it. Sometimes it happens in a car, sometimes at work, but whenever sleep comes a callin� you just can�t resist. Unfortunately, most of these people ended up passing out around their awful friends, so the results are hilarious.

These 17 People Tried To Follow Instructions�And Hilariously Failed. LOL :D

Just because Pinterest projects involve simple ingredients like toothpicks, watercolors, socks and cookie dough� it does NOT mean that you won�t fail hilariously every time you attempt one of these. Meticulously sewing together all of your socks and then dying them alternate colors doesn�t look fun or easy. Because it isn�t.